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Preview of BibleThumper - Study Bible for PalmOSBibleThumper is a Bible study software program written for PalmOS® devices. It incorporates the King James Bible, a concordance for fast searching, bookmarks, dictionary, commentaries and greek/hebrew lexicons. Databases can be read directly from memory cards to increase the amount of study material dramatically.

Online Demo for BibleThumper - Study Bible for PalmOS



Full text Bible
Strong's numbers integrated in the Bible
Concordance for fast searches
Hebrew and greek lexicons
Direct access to memory card increases the amount of study tools available

Hyperlinked References

Tap on a word in the Bible and get the Strong's number, lexicon definition or dictionary definition
Note icon displayed next to each verse to show immediately that a commentary is available
Tap on a verse to copy to the clipboard, bookmark, write a note, or find similar verses
Verse references in commentaries can tapped to view the Bible verse

Personal Study Tools

Notes for each verse can be written in a personal commentary
Bookmarks with categories


Concordance makes searching fast
See a list of all search results and a preview of the verse
Similar setting for search
Search words are highlighted in Bible text

Interface Features

Color icons and highlighting of search words, personal icons
Selectable fonts for easier reading
High resolution screen support for most devices
HandEra® 330 support: rotation, silkscreen minimizing, jog dial
Most functions can be controlled by a keyboard


PalmOS® version 3.0 or higher and 2MB RAM -
Minimum 2MB of RAM - Approx 300K for the application, remaining Bible text, Commentaries, Dictionaries and Lexicons can be stored on a memory card. [4MB will hold the text of KJV with Strong's numbering, Concordance, and Strong's Greek and Hebrew Lexicons]. See above for application memory requirements. 8 - 16MB RAM with additional memory card Prefered. Note that PDA manufacturers use different memory card media. ie: Sony Clie's use "MemoryStick" digital media. Memory cards currently have 64MB and 128MB to store a library of documents, applications and resources !
PalmOS® Compatible Devices :Sony Clie' PEG-N760C, Clie' PEG-S320, Clie' PEG-T415, Handera 330, Handspring Platinum™, Handspring Prism™, Handspring Treo, Handspring Visor, Handspring Visor Deluxe, Handspring Visor Edge, Handspring Visor Pro, IBM Workpad c3, IBM Workpad c500, IBM Workpad c505, Kyocera Smartphone QCP 6035, Palm i705, Palm i705, Palm III, Palm IIIc, Palm IIIe, Palm IIIx, Palm IIIxe, Palm m100, Palm m105, Palm m125, Palm m130, Palm m500, Palm m505, Palm m515, Palm V, Palm VII, Palm VIIx, Palm Vx, Palm Zire, PalmPilot Personal, PalmPilot Professional, Pilot 1000, Pilot 5000, Samsung Smartphone SPH-I300, Sony Clie, Symbol SPT 1500, Symbol SPT 1700, Symbol SPT 1740, TRGpro, Tungsten-T
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Lowest Prices on PDA's!
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