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Selected specials at Musician's Friend. 45 day 100% satisfaction Guarantee - Return for full refund . ! Yamaha EMX5000-12 12-Channel Powered Mixer
Yamaha EMX5000-12 12-Channel Powered Mixer- 500 watts per side, Digital effects, graphic EQ, 4 Aux sends, 8 inserts. This has it all ! $899.99

Rogue Bass Starter Kit
Rogue Bass Starter Kit Includes RB20 bass amp, cable, strap. $149.99

Squier« Bass Pak with Frontman 15B
Squier Bass Pak with Fender Frontman 15B Bass amp. Includes Squire (by Fender) Affinity Precision bass guitar, video, gig bag, cable and strap $299.99
The Affinity P-Bass® is the world's best-selling bass because of its unmatched value. With a comfortable maple neck, rosewood fretboard, solid alder body, and classic tone, it conjures up the sound of thousands of famous recordings. The amp is a small but mighty bass combo featuring 15W power, 8" special-design speaker, 3-band EQ, headphone jack, and an external speaker jack. Black Tolex® with black grille cloth. Package includes Squier® Affinity series P-Bass®, Frontman® 15B bass amplifier, instructional video, strap, and rugged cable.

Ibanez GSR200 4-String Bass- sale price $199.99 !
Ibanez GSR200 4-String Bass

Best selling bass. List price $299.99. Sale price $199.99 ! Features an agathis body, 1-piece maple neck, P-style pickup with an added J-style pickup at the fully adjustable bridge, and medium frets

Fender« Passport P-150 Portable PA System
Fender« Passport P-150 Portable PA System- 150 watts, 3 channels. Includes mic and cables $425.99

Fender« Passport P-250 Portable Sound System
Fender« Passport P-250 Portable Sound System 250 watt,4 channel - 8 input mixer Digital reverb.$599.99
Everything you need for great sound -- anywhere! Tape out jacks for recording. Ideal for working musicians, small clubs, and performers requiring a high-quality, portable, complete PA package. Includes speaker cables, and two P-51 mics with cables and stand clips. Portable and sets up in minutes !

Yamaha EMX66M-S12E PA Package
Yamaha EMX66M-S12E PA Package A best buy ! $899.99
A complete, low-priced, high-powered, PA setup for the whole band. Includes Yamaha EMX66M powered mixer, 2 Yamaha S12e speakers, 4 Nady StarPower 9 mics, 4 - 20' mic cables, 2 - 18-gauge 20' speaker cables, and 2 Ultimate Musica speaker stands. If you don't need more than 6 channels, but do need ample power and monitoring capability, the EMX66M is the mixer for you. 2 mono 300W amps can both drive mains or monitors or both, or can be bridged for a whoppin' 600W of output. Mixer section features 3-band mono channel EQs, dual 7-band graphics, 8 digital effects programs (echo and reverb selections), 2 aux sends (monitor and effects), phantom power (+15V), and Yamaha speaker processing. XLR and TRS input connectors on channels 1-4, XLR and TRS pairs on 5-6. S12E speakers Feature Crisp highs! Great for vocal PA mains or monitors! And it's built road-tough for years of carefree service. Two-way system features 12" LF cone with CD horn. Handles 250W program, 500W peaks

Yamaha S115IV 15 Inch 2-Way Club Series Speaker
Yamaha S115IV 15 Inch 2-Way Club Series Speaker - Handles 500 watts/1000W peak ! $319.99

Yamaha S12E 12 In 2-Way Cabinet
Yamaha S12E 12 In 2-Way Cabinet- 250/500 watts. Great crisp vocals ! $199.99 ea.

Nady PS115 15
Nady PS115 15" 500W 2-Way Full Range Speaker- Sale online $129.99 !

Nady THS-1515 2-Way Full-Range Speaker
Nady THS-1515 2-Way Full-Range Speaker. 15" Horn, 15" Woofer, 600 watts $179.99 !

Rogue 6 channel PA Package- web special  $249.99 !
Rogue 6 channel PA Package- web special $279.99 !

A compact 6-channel PA for a bargain price! System includes a mixer/amplifier head and 2 speaker cabinets. The amp has 80W of power. The mixer features 1/4” and XLR inputs on each channel, high and low EQs, and reverb controls. Master controls include high/mid/low EQ and master reverb. It provides a mono effects loop, tape in and out jacks, send and return jacks, 8 ohm speaker outs, a carrying strap, rugged vinyl covering, and corner protectors. Speaker enclosures house a 10” woofer and horn with passive crossover. Dual-port design provides optimum bass response. Also features built-in stand mounts.

Gem Sound GM-15 Wireless/Wired Microphone and Receiver
Gem Sound GM-15 FM Wireless/Wired Microphone and Receiver $29.99 !

Nady StarPower 1 Microphone
Nady StarPower 1 Microphone list $65.00. Last Minute Special $9.99 !

A ruggedly built, budget-priced all-purpose mic. An all-purpose professional stage and recording mic with clear, transparent sound across the spectrum. Ruggedly constructed with internal shock mounting for reliability and low handling noise. The powerful neodymium element cuts through with minimum distortion, even in high sound pressure level situations. A remarkable value.

Pro Gold Lo-Z Microphone Cable
Pro Gold Lo-Z 20'Microphone Cable List $16.95. Last Minute Special $4.99!

On Stage Stands Tripod Mic Stand with Boom
On Stage Stands Tripod Mic Stand with Boom. List $39.95. Web Special $19.99 !

KUSTOM # KSC10 PA Speaker
KUSTOM # KSC10 PA CABINET Web Special $39.99 !

KSC10 PA speaker List: $124.95 Web Special $39.99 ! Super affordable small PA speakers! 2-way speaker system with a 10” heavy-duty speaker and a 3” x 7” flare horn. Handles 60W RMS and 120W peak. 75Hz-20kHz frequency response. 8 ohms.


CG-30B Bass Amp List: $249.95 Price: $99.99 Delivers 30W of beautiful bass through a high-performance 10” speaker. Comes equipped with an EQ section that''s switchable between 3 tone controls and 4-band graphic EQ, giving you more tonal flexibility than you’ll find in any bass amp in this price range. Also features high and low inputs; controls for high boost (foot switchable on/off), volume and presence; a line out; headphone jack; and effects loop.


CG-50B Bass Amp List: $319.95 Price: $149.99 More cool features than any other bass amp in its class! Whether you want it punchy and tight, or deep and rootsy, this 50W delivers. Its EQ is switchable between low-mid-high tone controls and a 4-band graphic for flexible control. Also features a 12 high-performance speaker for clear, well-articulated bass tones, high and low inputs, an effects loop, line out and headphone jacks.


EMX620 Powered Mixer List: $499.00 Price: $299.99 !!! Extremely affordable, easy to use, and it does a great job. This single-box system will perfectly suit entry-level bands on a budget, as well as other users who have simple needs but want high-quality sound. It has a 6-input mixer, a single 200W @ 4 ohms amp, and built-in limiter to prevent overload damage. Channels 1-4 have balanced XLR connectors with switchable pads and master phantom power, plus balanced 1/4” inputs. Channels 5 and 6 include 2 unbalanced inputs each. All channels have 2-band EQ, independent monitor and effects send. RCA connectors with separate level control allow convenient connection of tape or CD players. A 7-band graphic and 3 DSP effects are also provided. It gives you the essential features and the quality you need – all at a very easy price.


AMX10 Powered Mixer List: $699.00 Price: $499.99 Your entire P.A. rack in a single, easy to carry, compact package. You get either 2 x 200W of power, or a bridged 400W, 10 channel mixer with 3-band EQ, monitor and effects busses, line/mic inputs on channels 1-6, 2 stereo pairs, and all the inputs and outputs needed to make this a versatile unit for playing gigs and recording them. Features built-in digital effects (16 combinations of delay and reverb), and two 7-band graphic EQs for trimming your main and/or monitor sound. All is housed in a rugged carrying case

SHURE SM58-LC MIC $99.99

SM58-LC Mic List: $188.00 Price: $99.99 The undisputed king of stage microphones. Legendary for its uncanny ability to withstand abuse that would destroy any other mic. World-renowned for its distinctive upper-midrange presence peak that ensures an intelligible, lively sound. Perfectly fits the hand, balanced for total comfort during long gigs. Frequency response is smooth, vocal-tailored 50Hz to 15kHz, and the price is a bargain considering its life expectancy. Now includes free Mic cable !


EMX860ST Powered Mixer List: $899.95 Price: $679.99 All the components of a quality sound system in a single package! It consists of a high-quality 8-channel mixer, DSP digital reverb effects, 2 7-band graphic equalizers, and 3 powerful amps (200W each into 4 ohms) that all work seamlessly together to drive both mains and monitors. All this is packed into a very portable and durable case designed for road use.


808S Stereo-Powered Mixer List: $999.00 Price: $849.99 The same power amp structure as the 808M mono mixer – but with stereo input/output capability and several other important additional features. Twin 500W FR Series amps deliver 1,000 real watts into 4 ohms and are switchable as mains or main/monitors, 8 mic/line channels feature master phantom power, inserts on 1 through 6. It provides stereo input on channels 7 and 8, stereo pan control on all 8 channels, true stereo 9-band graphic EQ on mains, plus a 9-band for the monitors. It includes a 32-bit custom EMAC™ digital effects processor with 16 different effects and 2 controllable parameters per effect, a special EFX WIDE effects-enhancement switch, a way-cool Break Switch that mutes channels 1-6 during breaks. It also features Mackie’s renowned discrete mic pre-amps, the best found on any powered mixer, and an amp routing switch that lets you assign power amps to mains only or mains and monitors. An external effects section has separate sends and returns, plus a footswitch jack to override internal and external effects. Mixer line-out jack lets you add extra power amps.8 mic/line channels feature master phantom power, inserts on 1 through 6, and dual line inputs on channels 7 & 8. Each channel is provided with 3-band EQ and separate 9-band graphic EQs are provided for mains and monitors.

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