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Yamaha PSR170 61-Key Portable Keyboard
Yamaha PSR170 61-Key Portable Keyboard $99.99
A great Beginners keyboard. 61 full sized keys, 100 voices. 100 rythems. 100 built in songs with song book included.

Yamaha PSR225GM 61 Key Keyboard
Yamaha PSR225GM 61 Key Keyboard- Touch sensitive keys, 32 note polyphony, 128 General MIDI voices $179.99
61 touch-sensitive, full-size keys and Yamaha's astounding Portable Grand sound produce an acoustic piano that fits under your arm. Yamaha Education Suite actually talks you through music lessons. 100 AWM panel plus 128 GM voices give you all the flexibility you need. 32-note polyphony, 6-track sequencer, MIDI, 5 types of auto harmony, and much more

Yamaha PSR350 61-Key Portable Keyboard with 3 1/2
Yamaha PSR350 61-Key Portable Keyboard - with 3 1/2" disk drive. Order online for $349.99 !

The Yamaha PSR 350 is our band's newest instrument and it is awesome. The grand piano is the best piano sound I've heard on any keyboard or electric piano... the touch sensitivity is amazing and realistic whether I play soft or pound the keys. The variety of organ sounds, sax, and other of its voices are amazing. The accomaniment styles and rythems are going to be an inspiration for song writing as well as a great backup to our band. With the 3 1/2 floppy disk drive songs can be recorded and played back and saved in the General MIDI format ... also you can record your playing and then even send it over the internet for others to download and play. Or you can download General MIDI songs and they will play on this keyboard. This might be a good introduction to MIDI without even any MIDI software or interface needed. ( With MIDI software, though, you can manipulate and print out sheet music of notes played ). The keyboard also has demonstrations and a learning mode. Like most modern keyboards it also displays the notes pressed on a staff displayed in the LCD window. This truely is an amazing keyboard ! For more details click on the link or photo above.

Midiman Midisport 1x1 MIDI Interface
Midiman Midisport 1x1 MIDI Interface for USB port $59.99

MIDI Interface connect your keyboard to your computer to save music on computer or print scores of music. Requires software.
American Cable Co. 5-Pin MIDI Cable
American Cable Co. 5-Pin MIDI Cable 10 foot $8.99
Note: A keyboard requires 2 cables to connect a MIDI interface to your computer. Order a cable long enough to reach from your keyboard to your computer. 10 foot cables are $8.99 each.

ROLAND XP-80 MUSIC WORKSTATION List Price $2495.00 - Sale Price $1799.99 - INTERNET SPECIAL $1749.99 Featuring a 60,000 note sequencer, a powerful arpeggiator, and enhanced controls! This top of the XP series gives you 76 velocity and aftertouch-sensitive weighted keys, 512 factory and 128 user presets, 64-voice polyphony, 16-part multitimbrality, 40 built-in effects, 4 assignable pedal jacks, 2 independent stereo outputs, and more. Sound palette sliders perform automated mix downs with the sequencer. Accommodates up to 4 SR-JV80 expansion boards.

PG Music Band In a Box 11
PG Music Band In a Box 11 $59.95

An awesome piece of software for your MIDI keyboard ....What can I say- instruments to accompany you, styles. My dad plays a one man show with this and a laptop- he takes turn playing the keyboard, his trombone and singing- all songs he's arranged. A cruiseship I was just on had a guitar player in a piano bar solo and this was his backup.. He downloaded midi files with all orchestration and even had the words and music available karokee style on his laptop. My wife uses its guitar tablature and fretboard display to learn guitar parts of songs... you could spend a lifetime with this and not exhaust it's potential. This is really amazing software. PG music also has royalty free styles disks for developing songs and accompaniments in meny genres.

Axman Standard Keyboard Stand
Axman Standard Keyboard Stand- List $59.95, Web Special $19.99 !

A single-braced, single-tier X stand featuring the GripTight infinite-height adjustment disk. Weighs 7 lb. and holds 175 lb. Adjusts from 25 to 39-1/2 high and anywhere in between. Protective rubber grippers for secure positioning

Axman Standard Keyboard Bench
Axman Standard Keyboard Bench $29.99

Axman Deluxe Keyboard Bench
Axman Deluxe Keyboard Bench 2 1/2" foam padded $49.99

For Music Software Visit- Shareware music machine- For many PC based MIDI software and other free music programs to download.

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