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"Praise him with the timbrel and dance: praise him with stringed instruments and organs. Praise him upon the loud cymbals: praise him upon the high sounding cymbals. Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD " Psalm 150:4
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    I am thrilled to be reading God's word with a PALM STUDY BIBLE - BibleThumper ! This PDA software fits in my pocket and has KJV bible with Concordance, fast searching, Strongs greek and hebrew lexicon's, dictionaries, Scofield study notes, Mathew Henry's commentary, Barnes NT commentary, Peoples NT commentary, Treasury of scripture knowledge note set, personnal note sets and bookmarks, etc. it rapidlysearches out words and phrases and displays context, hyperlinks to verses in notes also make this a truely amazing bible. See the new Palm Palm Study Bible page which has a pop-up functional online demo. The Contemporary Christian Song,Lyric,Chord Archive now has blank sheet music and tablature paper which can be printed ! Guitar lessons page now features online pop-up chord computer and great Tab and bar chord lessons. The MP3 page features new MP3 CD players which will store up to 200 songs on a single CD you make, There is a Free MP3 Musicmatch Jukebox software to download which will get you started encoding your own MP3's from your CD's . There is an archive of Guitar effects schematics for the electronic hobbiest. Also electric guitar modifications and wiring diagrams with photos. I have been recording with a digital multitracker and the review is on the home recording page. The Inspirational page has Real Audio feeds of todays best preachers ... Try starting your day with a message from Charles Stanley ! God bless you !
    Take a look at "The Christian Guitarist" -This is a complete systematic approach to learning the guitar for the homeschool curriculum. It is really 4 books in one- an instruction book, a Song book and a Melody playing/theory book, Curriculum guide and workbook- Includes CD.
The Christian Guitarist- with homeschool curriculum!

Thank you for purchasing online which earns commisions to support missions, kids club and Lighthouse Bible Church who the Lord is using to spread the gospel and distribute bibles which are purchased with funds raised from this site... Thank You for supporting this ministry !

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Worship -Michael W. Smith , (A Favorite) $13.99
Third Day - Offerings - Their first live worship CD $12.99
dc Talk - Solo $8.98 for a limited time
dc Talk Intermission - The greatest hits ! 17 tracks $14.99

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Newsboys - Thrive $13.99
Newsboys - Shine... The Hits $13.99
Third Day - Come Together = $13.00
Jars of Clay - latest release ... The 11th Hour $12.99 !

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